teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

The 2004 Weblog awards are out here Some of them are okay (I think Yglesias is pretty good, and Volohk has some interesting things to say about jurisprudence).
But how the hell do a bunch of autocratic plutarchs become the best overall blog? Just because they hate Kerry? An even bigger question is how does a baseball blog become the best sports blog??

Of course, the top 5 blogs in the best blog category are all extremist nutjob blogs...the most eggregious is LGF (Little Green Footballs). The people who comment on that blog show that fascism is alive and well. The guy who runs the blog just hates Arabs and want to nuke them all into oblivion.

There is no best personal blog category. Not that many personal blogs are all that great, but there might be some good ones out there.

The sad thing is that right wingers are the most active in the blogsphere. I'm not talking about people who are just for smaller government, or just pro-gun or something mundane like that. I'm talking full on forced conversion, kill anyone who disagrees with me, burn witches at the stake, execute gays, millenialist right wing nut fucking jobs.
And the liberals who are most active in blogging are the Americans are to blame for every evil in the world and we should all just surrender to the jihadists and allow ourselves to be stripped of our rights and killed for being infidels variety.
It's a little depressing that moderate people of good will can't be bothered to blog. I understand that they don't want to deal with the asshats that troll the blogsphere looking to launch hate everywhere they can. But it would be nice if we could get some people who actually put a little logic behind their thoughts and a little thought behind their positions on the web. And hey, they don't have to allow comments...

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