teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Mexico is issuing a comic book that is a guide to becoming an illegal migrant in the US. The US has asked them to stop, Mexico has refused.
Now, I think that telling people that they could die if they try to illegally immigrate to the US is fine (That's what Mexico says they are doing). But giving people a guide to evading US immigration laws is, at best, problematic (that's what Mexico is really doing). And I think that we should completely seal the border with Mexico because of it.

This, however, goes back to the problem that the US is currently ruled by a business class that doesn't want to have to pay normal wages and social security and worker's comp insurance and such for their employees, and can avoid this by hiring illegal workers. Which should be put to a stop. If the US really needs the 13 million Mexican illegals who work across this country, we should raise immigration levels to accomidate them, bring them in legally, and force companies to pay for basic services that employees should have (such as protections from being injured on the job, etc...). And business owners should face more than fines for hiring illegal workers for anything, they should face not inconsiderable prison time.

But, I expect that if they had to pay normalized wages and state mandated benefits, etc... for their workers they wouldn't be hiring immigrants, they would be hiring citizens. Which is what we should want anyway.

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