teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

I really dislike the New England Patriots (sorry Cindy). They aren't a team that you can tolerate when they are winning, like, say, the Fastest show on turf Rams who were fun to watch or the 70s Steelers who were generally a bunch of nice guys. The Patriots are filled with arrogant jerks like Teddy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison, or insincere punks like Corey Dillon and Tom Brady. Which are tolerable when they are your team, but when you don't root for them, it just makes for a team of players that you wind up hating. I mean even now, you can tolerate it when the Jets beat you because they are a humble team of nice guys, or the Colts because they are truly fun to watch. Not so with that Pats. Maybe it's just cause they all take on the demeaneor of their coach who is a truly unlikable person if you aren't part of his inner circle. And I will never forgive the organization for the absolutely shabby way they treated Drew Bledsoe.

There are other teams that I simply despise. The Vikings, a team of hoodlums and thugs who should be in prison. The Ravens, a team with even more felons who should be in prison. The Cowboys, a team with a history of the most felons in NFL history. The Raiders, who have a felonious owner. I'd rather see the Pats win than any of those teams. But I still intensely dislike the Patriots. And I really hope the Colts can beat them.

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