teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

The federal government has lots of work to do. They need to undo the damage that years of wingnut domination have done to the American people (yeah, that's going to happen). They need to fix the tort system to make people more important than corporations (yeah, that's going to happen). They need to fix the tax system so that people pay their fair share (yeah, that's going to happen). There are lots of other activities government should be doing that will help the average American and ease the burdens on our liberties (right, lots of these things are going to happen:P).
But what is congress doing? They are holding hearings into whether or not some stupid baseball player used steroids. Why? Because the people evidently need to know if some overpayed jerk in a boring and valueless sport did something that was completely within the rules of baseball at the time. Because, of course, steroids use in baseball is a national security issue. I'm sure of it.
Now, will someone please explain to me why Americans keep voting for these time and money wasting fuckers? Cause they're stupid and gullible? I thought so.

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