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Evidently, a group of people who equate the porn industry with child sex trafficking is holding a conference this week. They are calling on women to rise up against filth and injustice. Of course, they are overlooking the fact that women pretty much control most of the porn industry. The largest companies (outside of Flint Industries) in hardcore porn are owned by women and have female executives. Most of the producers of big-budget porn now adays are women, so they make most of the money. Women performers get 8-14x what the average male performer gets. Just pointing out that this group against porn who sees it as male oppression of women doesn't really understand who runs the industry anymore. Doesn't matter, though. Porn is still better when there's no plot, just fucking. Women and men both fail to understand this.


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Mar. 25th, 2005 02:17 am (UTC)
What it all really boils down to is us women trying to put the blame on you guys while we secretly blow the cash.

Then, we blame you yet further for the cash being gone.

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