teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

LA is full of pretentious jackasses. Okay, we all knew that to be true. But today I'm talking about the LA music scene. It's worse that Minneapolis here. At least in Minneapolis, the pretentious bastards can admit there is room for a kind of music other than the kind they are making. Here in LA, these guys think that what they are playing is the only thing worth listening to. Unless, of course, they play just a straight kind of pop, and then, most of the time, they can admit there is room for other kinds of music. And the occasional punk band is okay. The worst offenders are the devotees of that long dead genre, heavy metal. (okay, I admit, it had to be pretty hard before I called it heavy metal...Most of it is still just rock to me). Mention a happy pop song to these assholes and you are just going to be in a fight.
I don't really understand that. Well, I suppose since their genre has shrunk a whole lot (and it had a pretty limited number of good bands to begin with), they are just reacting to competition. But, you'd think they would recognize there is a reason they are losing out to other genres. I think it's because there hasn't really been anything new in metal since Faith No More. And they didn't last very long at all, once they got big.
The other group that pisses me off is this hip hop/ r&b crowd. They act like no other musical genre even exists out here. And right now, there are no artists other than Usher, Black Eye Peas, and Alicia Keyes. I mean really. You even mention Barry White, and about half of them say what has he put out lately? Well, he's dead, duh! Then we have this Eminem crap. I hate rap to begin with and he just mades it worse with his incessantly whining songs. And his blatant stealing of songs. He could at least do something original.

So anyway, I was talking to this metalhead over at Ameoba. I was just looking to see what was new out. And I picked up Aslyn's album. He's all "You don't want that pop crap...here try this (shitty) metal band." And I said, "I don't like them. On the other hand, Aslyn's song on the radio is kind of catchy." He didn't actually scream blasphemer, but he was getting in my face about not liking his (shitty) metal band choice and liking Aslyn.

Look people. There's room in the world for all kinds of music. I don't expect you to like everything. I happen to hate rap. I'm not overly fond of metal cause it's best days are behind it. You all just need to recognize that there is room in the world for snappy pop tunes. In fact, they can be kind of fun!

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