teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Well, my weekend kind of sucked. My insurance is now going to double.:P Not a serious accident. Just a bump. But in LA, any blemish raises your insurance astronomically.
So, I'm driving to the dog park. On the 101. Everyone should hate the 101. Not as much as the 405 or 10, but still...
Anyway, there's a section on the 101 where every fucking moron in LA thinks they have to force their way into traffic. Lots of accidents just before Hayvenhurst. So, this woman pulls in front of me and then slams on the brakes. So I slam on the brakes. But the ABS can't get me stopped in time, so I bump her...the damage to her car is a 3" wide dent in the trunk lid and some black smears on her bumper. My license plate got flattened. But now my insurance rates are going to skyrocket, because this woman just couldn't wait to get over a lane. I should have totaled her car.

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