teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

I suppose I should really stop reading blogs that remind me how bland and valueless I find my life. Of course, it's not that I think their lives are so much better for me to live, it's just that they interest me, and my life rarely does.

If I could find some investors, I have vision. I might even have the managerial skills to do what I want (start a film making complex on about 30-40 acres, with studio space, and a bit of a backlot, for independent filmmakes to use in either Illinois or Atlanta). But I have no charaisma, and desire doesn't make people want to give you money. besides, I would want to control the operation, and I doubt I could find money people who would accept that. :P

I hate money. You need it to do all the things you want to, and I never have any of it.

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