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I have decided that American culture needs to grow up.

In truth, we have a young culture. We have been a nation for just under 225 years. I believe that this creates many of the problems I see with America.

We have a propensity towards violence (both internal and external.) It's a form of shrillness...of saying we are relevant cause we can beat you. It's also a sign of our hypercompetitiveness as a nation. Both of these are juvenile characteristics.

We have a tendency to demand things be defined in black and white--a juvenile characteristic. This also, I think, explains the much higher number of fundamentalists per capita in the US.

We have a tendency to cling to our tramas, a juvenile characteristic. My previous entry was a rant on this issue.

We have a cultural fear of sex. Like the adolescent who hasn't quite overcome his squeamishness about hormones and the idea of What? goes where? Are you kidding me? You want me to what?

The problem is not just that we have a culture filled with juvenile characteristics, but that our leaders tend to cling to these ideas. It is immensely depressing to me that people who will lead only after I am destroyed and cremated have a more culturally mature outlook than our current leaders (who, being in their 50s and 60s, are supposed to be more mature than a bunch of teenagers).