May 24th, 2010

I wonder what Samuel Taylor Coleridge would do?

I keep thinking that I should join the Satan School of the Romantic period. Coleridge and Shelley and Byron were all pretty successful writers...And they clearly had slain their internal editors (I mean, c'mon - a 5-Act Play about incest THEN?).

See, that is my actual quest. I have a bunch of half-written stories and articles and screenplays and I can't seem to finish them because my editor destroys them before I can reach the end. I've tried writing late at night. I've tried writing in the morning...I'm just wondering if I need to try opium?
Or absynthe, at least (although, I don't think absynthe would work - I hate anise and I don't particularly have any greater control over my editor when drunk than when sober).