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1) The project manager for the ERP project is an idiot. He's dicked around with this for 6 months and doesn't even have the fucking licenses for the goddamned product. Our "new" CIO has done very little right since she was hired a little over a year ago. She continually fucks my unit over, and we get blamed for the fact that nothing works, when in truth, we have been clamoring for infrastructure upgrades for over a year now and she won't spend the necessary money.

2) The first football post of the season: The Charger are learning that they paid way too much money for Philip Rivers. He has been a Ryan Leaf thus far this summer. An absolute debacle of a draft choice. Add to that the fact that our secondary is sub-par and they won't have a pass rush and the Chargers will be lucky to finish 9-7. I'm expecting 6-10:P. But I'm hoping the Patriots won't win the Superbowl. And that Brady turns into a huge bust this year with his big head and exhorbitant contract.