teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Suzie McNeil

Vapid Entry of the day:

Rock Star: INXS is down to its last 4 contestants. And they gave my favorite songs that really didn't fit her voice last night. Still, I'm rooting for Suzie. But I'm afraid JD is going to win. And I don't like JD. He's just another Elvis impersonator and not a very vocally talented one.

Anyway, I'm rooting for Suzie, but at the same time, I almost hope that Suzie doesn't win, cause I didn't really like INXS, and so I'm not sure I would like them even with her as the lead singer. And if she doesn't win, she will get a record deal elsewhere, and I can then purchase an album that hopefully has better vocal choices for her and songs that I'm more inclined towards:). Yes, I'm selfish. I want her to sing stuff I want to listen to, as opposed to crap like that stupid song they sang last Wednesday that INXS wrote.
Tags: vapid stuff

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