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Football blogging

My favorite sport to watch is (American) football. Call me a barbarian, but I like the mixture of casual brutality with the athletic balance of speed and agility. Since we don't have gladiatorial games, football is the best choice available.

So, I thought I would blog some thoughts on the first 6 weeks of the NFL season.

1) The San Diego Chargers are very frustrating (they are the team I root for). They play like monsters one week and like cream-puffs the next. More frustrating is that they let 3 games they should have won get away through haphazard defensive play.

2) Some Minnesota Vikings players were involved in what the league and team ownership considers an embarrassing situation last week. They rented some boats, went out, got drunk, and had sex with football groupies. Now, normally this wouldn't be an issue, but the Vikings are a bad football team this year, and they have a brand new owner who will likely be exercising the morals clause in their contracts. So the sports writers are playing it up as a big story.

3) The Cincinnati Bengals are doing surprisingly well this year. After 20 years of being the doormats of the league, they are showing some promise.

4) Football players are dropping to injuries like flies to a flyswatter. I'm wondering if it is because of increased steroids testing. Cause some of these injuries are things that just haven't happened in previous years.

5)Which brings up Bill Romanowski...How can anyone believe this idiotic, cheating scumbag would have any credibility on the issue of how many players are using steriods? Especially when he is only talking because he wants to sell his Jose Canseco-ish tell-all book.
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