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Wow...The San Diego Chargers traded third string QB Cleo Lemon to Miami. For AJ Feeley, the bust who started 4 games in Jacksonville before Miami made him one of the most overpaid QBs in the game. With both Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers demanding the starting job next season, one of them will be elsewhere next year. And I believe Brees is the better QB. But that will leave the Chargers with no decent backup (remember, Feely is a bust).
The Chargers also traded irritating guard Toniu Fonoti to the Vikings. The Vikings won't be able to keep him (they have no prospects for winning in the near future and he wants to win), but he's no longer acting as a cancer in the Charger lockerroom.

Marriuci is looking like he's going to dump QB Joey Harrington for QB Jeff Garcia. And being under Mooch again should allow Garcia to return to Pro Bowl form if he can develop rhythm with the receivers.

Tom Benson is losing all the good will Saints fans had for the team in negotiating with San Antonio to move the team there. It's unlikely that the NFL will approve a team in San Antonio. I don't believe that Texas, as a state, can support another football team.
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