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warning: political - More thoughts on Miers

I'm conflicted. I absolutely don't think Miers is qualified as a SCOTUS nominee. However, her views on law and social matters are more attractive than most of the true conservatives the little twerp would nominate: she relies on self-determinism as the primary requirement about laws on issues of social privacy. It is curious that I'm in the position of thinking that she might just be another Sanrda Day O'Connor type justice on issues of social reform and individual rights. However, she will absolutely fail when it comes to the court keeping in place checks on the powers of Congress and the President. Hmmmm....I think, should the Bush White House hold true to form, her nomination will not be withdrawn. Harry Ried will buck up the Democrats and she will get most of their support because he recommended her. The Religous Right wing of the Republican party will vote for her because Bush asks it. The Business wing of the Republican party will vote for her because Bush asks it.. The libertarians probably won't because there appears to have been a consideration of religion in her selection which is a violation of the Constitution. That means that it is likely that Miers will be confirmed.

Why couldn't we have a decent human being in the White House who will pick a judge known for his interpretations to insure maximum freedoms to the people under the constitution? Oh, cause Americans were scared shitless in the last election and forgot about defending their rights...now I remember:P.