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Sony sucks and you should boycott them.

So, Sony Music is installing rootkits on the computers of people who buy their music cds and wish to play them on their MP3 players. They have a DRM software on their music cds that is stealth installed on your computer (though there is talk that their EULA has been updated). It installs a rootkit that hides a bunch of directories and files on the basis of having $sys$ in the file name. Also, their DRM prevents people from ripping the music to iTunes so they can play it on their iPods, and from making backup copies.

What this means to you:
1) if you try to use a Sony Music CD on your computer, you have just opened yourself up to all sorts of nasty viruses that won't ever be detected because they are using the $sys$ flag to hide them under Sony's rootkit. So, Sony has critically compromised your computer.

2) Sony is preventing you from engaging in fair use of purchased music.

Now, this is all come about because people like iPods and Sony isn't innovative enough to come up with an MP3 player that people like as much or more. And so Sony is in a pissing match with Apple.

So, until Sony removes their DRM software from their music cds, I won't be buying the music of any artists signed with Sony Records or any of its related companies. And I probably won't be buying Sony DVDs cause it probably has the same stealth DRM that will compromise my computer. (Yes, I watch DVDs on my laptop when I travel).

How it was discovered:

WTF? There's a rootkit on my computer!

Other reactions:
Sony screws consumers with a DRM crippled CD
Sony to patch copy-protected CD.
Tags: corporate evils, us events

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