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pet treat manufacturers are mean

At least, that's what Candi thinks. They made this treat that looks like an oreo cookie (without the poisonous cocoa). But Candi can't decide how they should be eaten. It took her almost 10 minutes this morning to decide how to approach the cruel little creation...Do you eat the thing in bites, getting some cookie and some cream? Do you break it apart so you can lick the cream out of the middle and ignore the cookie?

Of course, Candi's approach to the cookie dilemma is quiet and thoughtful. Linus prefers a more vigorous approach. He treats any treat that poses philosophical questions like "how should this be eaten" as a live animal. He throws it up in the air and the he stands and barks at it. And dances around it like a mongoose looking to kill a cobra.

One of these days, I will have to invest in a digital camera to document the dogs facing these deep philosophical dilemmas.