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Democrats won governor's races in New Jersey and Vifginia today. Now, the national party will proclaim this as a great victory and sign of voter dissatisfaction with the Republicans. The problem, for thinking people, must be the fact that Democrats often win governor's races even when the Rethuglicans are in control nationally. That's because people often want a populist leader running local things. That doesn't, however, mean that things are dark on the horizon for the Rethuglicans nationally. Until the Democrats can put together worthwhile plans for entitlement reform, deficit reduction, and, especially, national security, the Thugs will continue to dominate national politics because Americans are too chicken to let them not. So, you hardcore left-leaning political junkies out there, don't get carried away in your celebrations. The Democrats still have yet to prove viable on a national level, and a few governor's seats won't change that.