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Got my Christmas present from eugie and fosteronfilm today! Thanks guys! Wonderfalls died far too early, and is my second favorite program of all time. And, I know that Eugie was impressed with Gardner Dozois being on the toc of Writers for Relief, but I'm more impressed that she's shared a toc with Brian W. Aldiss:).

Of course, when I opened the box that Writers for Relief came in, the dogs immediately seized the then discard box and ran around the living room playing tug-of-war with it. There is now shredded cardboard from the front door to the kitchen:). But they had a hella good time!


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Dec. 18th, 2005 04:40 pm (UTC)
Hurray, a prezzie for Linus and Candi too! We got the discs you sent yesterday (thank you!!) which we are still in the process of installing because our Internet crapped our last night. And thankyouthankyou as well for the Christmas prezzies! We haven't opened them yet, so don't know what they are . . .
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