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Christmas music for my trip

We are driving to Illinois and then to Wyoming for our Christmas vacation. It's a long friggin drive and I now have an iPod. So I'm not putting up with crappy country stations all the way across the country. I have tapped into both my cd collection and that strange online resource, iTunes, to get some respectable Christmas music for this trip.

One of the things that annoys me is that it is so hard to find the right recording of a song on iTunes, sometimes. I want, for instance, the White Christmas from Holiday Inn. But there are 6 versions of White Christmas by Bing Crosby available on iTunes (I think the 1942 version is the one I want). And who would have thought Brenda Lee would have recorded Jingle Bell Rock in 5 different ways? Only one of them being good.
However, from my own cd collection I discovered that Megan Nunally (from Will & Grace) does a surprisingly good version of Silent Night. On the other hand, the London Voices should be banned from doing their nasty jazz interpretations of Christmas carols ever again:P.

I have even downloaded Christmas music specifically requested by the S.O. Like the hated Carpenters (Sleigh Ride).