teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Wherein ER docs are praised

Damn, it's good to find a doctor that knows how to be effectively aggressive in treatment. If it weren't for the fact that I'm still a little hung over from the codiene I slipped myself at 4 am so I would stop coughing long enough to actually get some sleep, I could probably go to work today. The guy from the ER has set me well along the path to mending. I called my Internist to get some clarifications on the ER docs instructions, but I am well pleased with the treatment I got. Unlike the Urgent Care doc, who left me sicker after 3 days that I was before. :P

And, for those who remember, Linus's eye is looking pretty good, so his surgery has been a success so far. Ironically, he developed an inflamed eyelid in his other eye (which looks a lot like the cherry eye that we had repaired), but some prednisone drops fixed that right away. Now he just wants to sit at the neighbor's door waiting for them to bring one of their cats out.
Tags: good doctors, life with dogs

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