teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

On driving home

On my drive home after having to go in at 5pm to work overtime, I was listening to the "Top 25 Most Played" playlist on my iPod and I realized that of late, most of the female leads that I like, I like because I like the sound of their voices: Kelly Clarkson, Red Delicious (Sara Wallace), Alex Bach, Randi Driscoll, Avril Lavigne. And most of the male leads that I like, I like for the lyrics of the songs they're singing: Dave Loggins, Three Doors Down, Four Star Mary, Train, Fountains of Wayne. Now, I'm not saying that the female singers don't have good lyrics. It's just that I wasn't drawn to start listening to them for that. I was drawn by their voices. Whereas, Dave Loggins writes some of the best songs around, but his voice doesn't excite me nearly as much as Kelly Clarkson's. (I know, I'm weird; but I think her voice is, for the most part, pretty sexy.)
So, I was wondering if anyone else had noticed similar patterns in how they pick what to listen to originally. Guys? Gals? Same? The opposite? Does it depend on gender?
Tags: music, overtime sucks

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