teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

working late...again

Unfortunately, I'm afraid this is going to become a common thing. We have a lot of projects going in that are designed to make my life difficult. EMC. Peopleshaft...I mean soft. Oracle. A spam filter upgrade. All the training that I have to take.

And one of our Unix admins just quit. Now, I admit, I'm glad he quit. Over the last 3 months, 65% of the overtime I've had to work was because he screwed something up. But it does mean more work for me, as the projects he was on get dropped into the pool. And since I am now the primary Unix admin (our other admin is working more and more on the database side), I get to pick up the slack. Which means I have to teach the 2 mainframe guys Solaris. They more or less get AIX (What's to get? You just use smitty for everything.) Anyway, work work work:P.

But at least they fed me, this time.
Tags: work sucks

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