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Morel's 13

We went out to eat tonight. I was thinking about my restaurant habits since I moved to LA. We usually go out once, sometimes twice a week. The restaurant we go to most often is Lawry's The Prime Rib. But the reason we go there is the creamed corn, so sweet it tastes like candy. My favorite restaurant, that I've tried so far, is Morel's 13 Steakhouse. It's a French themed restaurant, but I like it because they have a very affordable frommage plate. I suppose I will have to go to the other places in LA that are known for frommage (cheese, btw). Not just because I have tried all 30 cheese on Morel's menu.

Of course, in this rambling train of thought, I thought about my friend who can't eat onions. My wife had the French Onion soup tonight, and Morel's makes a very good French Onion soup. I had a tomato salad that was topped with pickled onions. It too is very tasty (though they usually don't salt it enough). Anyway, even though it's a steakhouse, if any of my vegitarian friends came to LA, I would probably take them to Morel's. They have some excellent vegetarian dishes, and the delightful cheese plate (all of my friends eat cheese, to my knowledge).


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Mar. 27th, 2006 10:16 pm (UTC)
Cheese! Yum.

We rarely go out to eat anymore, but to make up for that, we've discovered some really excellent recipes. Can you imagine us cooking? Seriously. But yeah, I've come up with a really yummy Pad Thai dish, and fosteronfilm put together a sterling red bell pepper/fake steak teriyaki dish.
Mar. 27th, 2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
eugie and fosteronfilm cooking...hmmm. Well, fosteronfilm always did have a flair with spicing up ramen, anyway;).

I like Pad Thai well enough but I have to pick out the tofu. I eat a lot of thai food out here, as there are dozens of thai restaurants in Malibu alone and my coworkers often feel compelled to drag me along to them. But they have too many dishes with that awful pineapple stuff...ick.

Anyway, I am certain to be the strangest cheese connisuer that one will encounter, given that all wine tastes essentially like vinegar to me. So I drink whiskey with my cheese:).

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