teflaime (mtfay) wrote,


Sometimes I envy eugie. Right now, she doesn't have a boss.
I have a boss. He's used to be tolerable if unthinking. Now he's just an idiot. The major problem is that he keeps setting timelines without consulting me, and then expecting me to meet them. This wouldn't be a problem if the timelines he set weren't based upon the idea that we have 5 systems administrators. We currently have 1. Me. And 2 junior admins, meaning 2 guys being trained on unix, but who have had no previous unix experience (they're mainframe guys). Oh, and they still have a mainframe to support. Sigh. I hate working for a living. I need to win the lottery or a big progressive slot game. Given those odds, I'm stuck working for a while. Like until I die. Which at this rate will be sometime next summer.
Tags: work sucks

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