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Well, today is the first day of the NFL draft. My former favorite team, the San Diego Chargers, has made tons of boneheaded moves in the offseason. Letting Drew Brees go to be replaced by the worst draft pick since Ryan Leaf (yes, I'm talking about Phillip Rivers, who couldn't win the starting job from Drew Brees, and whose hold on the 2nd spot was so tenuous that the Chargers traded his competition away for a quarterback who couldn't beat him out), trying to force the city of San Diego to build them a new stadium, when the city clearly didn't have that kind of money (San Diego is currently about 5 Billion dollars in debt due to financial mismanagement and fraud on the part of former mayoral administrations). This is, I believe, the last year of La Danian Thomlinson's contract, and if he's smart, he'll probably take less money to go somewhere with a decent owner, GM, and head coach. Say...Arizona (who, until this year, had the worst owner and GM in NFL history).
So, now, the Chargers have drafted a guy that didn't even play football last year for their weakest position, Cornerback. They would have been far better off taking a decent wide receiver and waiting for the second round to get a cornerback than making this huge reach. The Chargers have regressed since 2 years ago when they were a solid playoff team. And it is entirely do to Aj Smith taking over at GM and giving Marty Schottenheimer power in relation to personnel decisions. Marty is a terrible assessor of talent, and he has proven it time and again. Sigh.
I guess I'll have to start rooting for New Orleans.
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