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Engendering ill will

People are stupid. Why, you ask? Let me ask you this question: If you are completely and utterly dependent upon another person (or another group of people) to be able to do your job, would you regularly and continually go out of your way to endender anger and dislike in that person or group? I didn't think so.
Yet, there is a project manager here at work who thinks her project is so important (and yes, it is an important project) that she can claim credit from all the work my group does, and claim credit for all the things we do successfully. This, as you might imagine, pisses those of us in my group off. We are already the most overworked (my unit of 11 people has logged 2200 hours of overtime this year, 60% more than the next closest group), and in comparison to the market, underpaid group on campus. And this woman, who has yet to work any overtime, and has already angered all 4 colleges on campus with her arrogance and poor project management, is claiming credit for our work. She is already on the ragged edge of losing her position...1 more slight and we might make sure that happens.