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I have been on a bit of buying spree of late. I got a Sony PSP for attending a big ole tech conference, so I bought some games for that (I'm not watching movies on a 3 1/2" screen:P). I have purchased a couple of computer games, to supplement my World of Warcraft addiction: Guild Wars (and it's expansion) and Auto Assault. These are both MMORPGs. Auto Assault is a Road Warrior meets Cyborg type world with armored cars mowing down your enemies. I've enjoyed it. Guild Wars is a fantasy game, but it is non-standard for an MMORPG in that it doesn't charge a monthly fee. You just buy the game. I like Guild Wars okay, but it's, in many ways, similar to World of Warcraft and I'm not in the mood for another level grind. Auto Assault is different in that even when your are just doing the same thing over and over, it changes because you are driving a car at high speeds, with guns ablazing, through crowds of people. Who hasn't dreamed of that.

The other things I have picked up in the last couple of weeks is a number of CDs: Kenney Rose, Hai Ku (a band I found in '90, that I really liked. They haven't done anything since); Lacuna Coil, Comilies, which a co-worker turned me on to when we were discussing Evanescence; and two albums by The Bacon Brothers--Forosco and Getting There. I discovered The Bacon Brothers back when MP3.com was still worth while (before they sold out to Cnet). I like their work, so I got a couple of albums. Now, if I can just remember to download everything to my iPod...
Tags: games, music, spendthrift me

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