teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Job Hunting

So, I updated my resume and put it out on Monster.com. Now, I hate job hunting. I really do. But I'm completely sick of my job. And no matter where I go, if it isn't Bloomington, IL, my wife is going to bitch about where we are.
So, I've limited my search to Chicago and Atlanta, at this point. I don't like California. Any place where I am considered a hard worker has problems. I'm a lazy bastard. Really. But California make me appear to have a midwestern Lutheran work ethic. This is just wrong.

I sent my resume (via Monster) to a company in Buckhead...$80K/year and a guarantee of high value training. I mean, I know how to allocate disk from an EMC array, but they are talking SAN manager training. I would love to have that (actually doing it is a bit tedious, but it would guarantee me a certain level of income). Even better would be Oracle DBA training. That's a much higher value training.
Tags: job hunting

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