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Woohoo. I have internet.

The cable guy came by today. So I now have broadband. I went with cable because, in this area, cable is much much much faster in both directions than DSL. And cable would install when I asked them to. The phone company said it was going to take 10 days no matter what I did to get my DSL. Well fooey on that. Or "Screw you, Verizon."

We are having movers move the rest of our stuff out of storage and into our house tomorrow (Tuesday). So, I will have a bed to sleep on tomorrow night, rather than an air matress. This is a good thing.

And, strangely enough, I like my new job pretty much. No responsibility other than solving the problem at hand. I don't actually have to talk to end users. I'm off at 3:30 in the afternoon. The only downside is that I work on Sunday, so I will be missing football games. But I got a shiny new DVR with my cable install, so I can just DVR them. Along with every episode of Good Eats and Iron Chef and Iron Chef America:D...