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I see that I'm not alone

Well, I broke down and went to the physician today (actually, Carle Clinic here has the same nurse practitioner that was here when I lived in town 3 years ago, and I really like her, so I was just as happy that I saw her, since my previous doctor has packed up and moved to teaching at the U of I).

Anyway, I have been having the hell of allergy season. There are some on my friends list who will remember me in previous really bad allergy seasons. Well, I was happy and well off then. This has been the worst allergy season I have faced in 25 years. My eyes have swollen shut. I have sneezed so much that I don't need to do crunches to strengthen my stomach. Of course, Linus has been suffering almost as much.

So I went to the doctor (for me. All Linus can have is amped up applications of benedryl, but he also doesn't have to drive from time to time). And after a 20 minute discussion of the options, I received a fairly large steroids shot. Kennelog. Medicine's gift to allergy sufferers. I can almost breath now, 5 hours later. And I'm still awake (benedryl of sufficient dose to help would have put me to sleep 4 hours ago). So, yeah for modern medicine.