teflaime (mtfay) wrote,


I had mentioned that I missed the restaurants in LA. Cause they had a lot of really good ones. Well, I have now discovered something else I miss about LA (no, it's not the weather. I hate sunshine.) No, what I miss is that there is no smoking in restaurants in LA. I went to one of the restaurants in Bloomington that we always liked tonight. And was kind of overwhelmed by the smell of cigarette smoke when I walked in. Now, there has been discussion of banning smoking from restaurants in Bloomington. But it hasn't happened. I have to say, I approve of no smoking in restaurants. California restaurants smelled like food.
Of course, California took smoking bans too far (like everything else they do). In Southern California, there were counties where you couldn't smoke on "non-private" property. In one California county, the ordinance was worded so that you couldn't smoke anywhere there might be someone who complained, including your own home. So in summary: no smoking in restaurants good. Smoking on your own property, the government has no business.

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