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Well, I have now passed into my final year before the popular culture age at which you are no longer useful (that is, 40). Yes, yesterday was my 39th birthday. I was afflicted with curses. I went to 4 different restaurants before I found one that wasn't closed for some function or another (what the hell are restaurants closing for private functions for?). Anyway, we wound up at Lancaster's, a local establishment dedicated to fine dining. They had several tasty things: a gorgonzola cheesecake appetizer...it was more like a gorgonzola quiche but it was still quite tasty with the small bread chips. Then I had the cauliflour and stilton soup. It was a smooth and nice soup, but it lacked the characteristic bite of a nice stilton blue. Stilton has a great bite and crisp taste when eaten without melting. But it is a bit too smooth when melted. The other item of note was the very fine flourless chocolate cake I had for desert. Quite yummy. Almost made up for the ridiculous number of restaurants I had to go to.