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So, why is it that tech workers all think they are supergeeks? Because, to be honest, most tech workers know about very little beyond their own little specialty. For instance, my dog probably knows more about windows than most unix administrators. And Mac Users? Mac users aren't geeks. They trend followers who are really really gullible. There's a reason that there is very little cool software for the Mac, beyond video and sound editing. Cause they are gimped!

Anyway, I work with a bunch of linux/unix addicts. The problem is that they think they are computer super gods. Now, I will admit, most of these guys are bonzo unix admins. But they know nothing about Windows. And yet, here I was sitting this week, listening to a conversation about Windows, and Windows-related things (tm). And they are getting it ALL WRONG. No, Active Directory doesn't let you not use Kerberos. No, Windows XP can't use more than 4GB of Ram efficiently. No, Windows 98 isn't better than than NT 4.0. No No NO!.

While we are on the subject of my coworkers, even the smart ones seem to have a case of "California work ethic." With the exception of the one I will call Mr. Anthrax (the excessively loud band, not the white terrorist powder of fear), they aren't making any attempt at keeping up with me when working the queue. The queue is the list of problems we have to solve.

Now, everyone knows how lazy I am. I've told you several times, so you should know. One of the things that comes from this is that I don't like doing things twice. So, while I'm working this particularly annoying problem, cause I want it to go away, the queue is stacking up like cordwood outside an Swede's cabin. What the hell? I wanted to stand up and say, "Did everyone die and leave me to work the queue? Next time I want the koolaid too!"

Now, you are thinking, how do I know they aren't working the queue? Simple: if you take a problem out of the queue, you put your name in it. And my name was the only one with tickets! 6 other guys and I'm the only one working! Hell, I might have to angle for the team lead position so I can screw around going to meetings and filling out paper work instead of working too.:P


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Oct. 31st, 2006 01:10 am (UTC)
Queue problem
Now you know what it's like being the HEAT bitch. -xolik
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