teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Why do we, as a society, want everyone to work? There are simply some people who should be put on a set cost of living and given that amount, not being allowed to aspire to more, because they are so bad at what they do. The worst part of this is when they are H1B visa participants. We have an H1B guy at work who makes Californians look like they have a fantastic work ethic. Normally, his approach is to try and get me to do his tickets. When I say no, he goes to the next guy. Then the next guy. Until everyone has turned him down and he goes off shift with tickets sitting in the waiting queue. now, since it's a new shift and the tickets are in the waiting queue, someone else has to pick them up.

Now, I would normally say this guy is lazy. The problem is that it takes so much effort to avoid this work, that I can't beleive he's lazy. He's just motivated to make other people work. He should be in management. :P
Tags: work

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