teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars, Season 4

Well, I must admit, I have become a Dancing with the Stars junkie. It's amazing watching how good some of these celebrities really are.

Laila Ali is a stunningly good dancer. She's amazingly sexy and she looks like she's having a blast. But I absolutely despise her partner...He is the reason Tia Carrera got screwed over 2 years ago.

Just as John Ratzenberger is surprisingly good, though he is not great. But he's in his 60s, and just now learning to dance.

Now I expected Apollo Ono to be good (he is a skater and has some grace, after all), but I really didn't expect either Joey Fatone or Ian Ziering to be good and both are. Of course, I'm absolutely obsessed with Cheryl Burke, so I hope Ian gets much better.

And, for a klutz, Paulina Porizkova has amazing lines...She should be very good at the ballroom dances (though I'm not convinced Latin will be her thing).

The stars I'm not impressed with this year...
Heather Mills: She's getting the sympathy vote. But she's only average. And decidedly not sexy.
Shandi whatever...She has no charisma on the floor and is not at all sexy.
Leeza Gibbons: sure, she seems to be having fun, but she doesn't have a real floor presence.

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