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Why can't Heather just be mediocre when she's mediocre? No, she has to fall so as to generate even more sympathy. Augh!

And they are inordinately hard on Ian. >:(. I'll bet they just gush over Joey again. Sigh.

And...Ummm...And I the only who thinks Laila probably bites?


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Apr. 17th, 2007 03:11 am (UTC)
Oh come on, we're gushing over Joey because he's giving us something to gush over (like how I include myself in with the judges?). Although, tonight I actually liked him better than the judges did. Laila just may bite but I'm willing to bet any guy she bites wouldn't mind. And whereas I agree that Heather was mediocre tonight, I actually gave her the same score that all the judges did as well (a 7). Personally, the women rubs me the wrong way but I do have to give her props in that she does better with the one leg than Clive does with two. Or Billy Ray even (especially this week).

As for Ian, I thought him still stiff myself. I judge them before I see the judges scores and I only gave him an 8 tonight. Apolo and Julianne: ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF! They totally deserved their 30 points.

Will you be watching "So You Think You Can Dance?" when it starts up next month?
Apr. 20th, 2007 08:45 pm (UTC)
But Joey's dancing with "the decidedly less attractive that Cheryl Burke" Kim! The only reason I still watch is my obsession with Cheryl! Because this season has been a decided let down from last season.

Well, hopefully Heather will be voted off next week. It was probably time for Clive to go, but I still would have rather seen Heather go.

I won't be watching "So You Think You Can Dance?" because I really don't like Fox all that much. Football and House, that's about it. And if CBS and NBC would get their acts together, they would outbid Fox the next time around and then it will just be House. Also, while I enjoy ballroom dancing (when they pick the right music), and don't mind watching tap occasionally, most of the stuff that passes for dance now adays leaves me bored.
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