teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Joey Fatone is a big doodie head:P

I jest...I'm just saying that cause I want Cheryl to win.

But I do have to say, Joey isn't manly in a Latin way...Of course, I prefer the Ballroom dances. And he isn't a randy, fighting cockrell...There is no such thing in this season.

Heather's Paso Doble was so so so blase.

Have you noticed that no matter how BAD Heather is, Len and Bruno praise her, and no matter how WELL John does, they rip him? John's Mambo was way better than Heather's dull Paso, but she gets praise and he gets ripped:P.

Laila just didn't hold my attention with that cha cha.

Billy Ray was fun, but not good.

I like Apollo and Julianne, but I still want Cheryl to win.

Why? Why do the judges hate Ian so much? Why? I mean, they HATE him. They have NEVER praised him, no matter how well he did.:P


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