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Dancing with the Stars, 2 dances night 1.

Laila and Maks...I'm sorry, but their quickstep was just okay. It certainly didn't deserve 29 points! I personally only gave it a 7. Missed their latin dance.

John and Edyta...The foxtrot is my favorite dance and most people get it right. Now, it's true that Len and Bruno hate everyone but Laila and Joey, but I liked that they gave them 7s. That's what I gave them. John is a foxtrot, waltz kind of guy. He's not smooth enough for latin. Too bad.

Apollo and Julianna...Another disappointment. His footwork was sloppy. He should be fantastic and he was just okay. Should have been an 8. Sigh. Again okay. Apollo was resting on his laurels this week. And unlike the judges, I wasn't thrilled with his mambo.

Ian and Cheryl...I hate the tango. It's boring. No matter who does it. So I'm pleased they got 9s but I would have given them 7s this week. Meh. I don't like latin as much. It was okay. I liked it better than John and Edyta's. It was about the same as Apollo's.

Billy Ray and Karina...Waltz require 2 people. Not 1! 4. He's so bad now compared to everyone else. His fans do the rest of us a disservice if htey keep him around. 5.

Joey and Kim...Foxtrot. I love Foxtrot! 9s. But I still want Ian and Cheryl to win! NO! NO! I want CHERYL to win. Not Kim. CHERYL! Sigh. 10 for their jive.


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May. 1st, 2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Ohhhh! I was so glad to see you'd already posted. I pretty much agree with almost everything you say (at least as far as scoring) this week.

Layla and Maks: Her footwork seemed spot on (to this inexperience eye anyway) but her face seemed stiff in the quick step. As did her shoulders a bit. I wasn't overly impressed, it lacked. Their Latin dance was much, much better (one of the things...well, I can't say I "disagree" with you on but don't have the same opinion of is that I actually enjoy most of the Latin dances...except the Rhumba, I'm not a big fan of that one for some reason).

John and Edyta: Yes, John did very well with the foxtrot tonight. He's sweet to watch.

Apolo and Julianne: Also in agreement with you. I've really been enjoying them and would even say they were in the running for extreme favorite but this week Apolo did seem to lack on both dances.

Billy Ray and Karina: You know why we like Billy Ray so much? (those of us who have been voting for him, that is...up until now I've been voting for my favorite poor dancers) He has "something". It's sure as hell not talent but he works so hard and we can't help but admire that. Plus, a little story about Billy Ray: I saw him in concert when he first came out with 'Achy Breaky Heart' (couldn't dance then either). I bought a tour book because I used to do shit like that back then and before the concert started, I read that he always acknowledged gifts from fans if he could. I didn't have a gift but I did have an envelope on me and my check book. I wrote him out a check for $10 and put it in an envelope. On the envelope, I wrote, "If this is what it takes to get your autograph..." (this was back in the day when you got your cashed checks back). My check had my name and address on it, of course. I brought it to a security guard and watched him put it on the stage with all the other "gifts". A few weeks later, I got an autographed picture made out specifically to me along with my unsigned/uncashed check. It just impressed me. Sometimes it doesn't take much.

Joey and Kym: Definitely my favorite this week. For both dances.

Ian and Cheryl: FINALLY! I think you're making the mistake of scoring based on how much you like a specific dance (something I have to watch out for myself). Ian ROCKED this week. I haven't scored them all that high (not that I've scored them poorly) at all this season because I've consistently felt that Ian lacked "something". (That same "something" that Billy Ray seems to have for all his lousy dancing). Tonight, Ian brought it out. I didn't feel he was stiff. It looked like he was having fun and it DIDN'T look like he was counting his steps. I actually scored them higher than the judges.

It's hard to say at this point who I want to win (as I'm trying to judge on talent, not personality). I definitely see John and Billy Ray saying goodbye over the next two weeks which saddens me as I've been voting for both of them up until this week. Now, it's time for me to start voting for who I like the best overall. And it's hard!
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