teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars, 2 dances night 1.

Laila and Maks...I'm sorry, but their quickstep was just okay. It certainly didn't deserve 29 points! I personally only gave it a 7. Missed their latin dance.

John and Edyta...The foxtrot is my favorite dance and most people get it right. Now, it's true that Len and Bruno hate everyone but Laila and Joey, but I liked that they gave them 7s. That's what I gave them. John is a foxtrot, waltz kind of guy. He's not smooth enough for latin. Too bad.

Apollo and Julianna...Another disappointment. His footwork was sloppy. He should be fantastic and he was just okay. Should have been an 8. Sigh. Again okay. Apollo was resting on his laurels this week. And unlike the judges, I wasn't thrilled with his mambo.

Ian and Cheryl...I hate the tango. It's boring. No matter who does it. So I'm pleased they got 9s but I would have given them 7s this week. Meh. I don't like latin as much. It was okay. I liked it better than John and Edyta's. It was about the same as Apollo's.

Billy Ray and Karina...Waltz require 2 people. Not 1! 4. He's so bad now compared to everyone else. His fans do the rest of us a disservice if htey keep him around. 5.

Joey and Kim...Foxtrot. I love Foxtrot! 9s. But I still want Ian and Cheryl to win! NO! NO! I want CHERYL to win. Not Kim. CHERYL! Sigh. 10 for their jive.

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