teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Dancing with the star, even though Len and Bruno hate Cheryl

Jesus Christ, Len. Hypercritical much? Everyone else gets a pass on their lack of utter perfection. Hell, Apollo and Laila get 10s for fucks sake. What did Ian and Cheryl ever do to you, you bastard? 8
Meh. Their rumba was so so. 7

And if Len and Bruno don't ding Joey on his heel leads, that just proves their bias. 8
That was annoying. Maybe it was the song. 8

And I'm sorry. No matter how much enjoyment anyone gets from Billy Ray, he's a bad dancer. He's just bad. 4
Worse. but still 4.

Laila and Maks. I think it was overrated. But I've decided Len and Bruno simply won't let Cheryl win this year. 7
Better. Still don't like Maks. 8

Okay. For the first time since I started watching Dancing with the Stars, I liked a tango. Amazing. 10
And a Paso I almost liked. 9.

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