teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

Dancing with the Stars: The semi finals

Apollo and Julianna: Quickstep: WOW! WOW! Man, that was good. Best dance of the season. 10
The Cha Cha wasn't as good as their quickstep...Was it great? I don't think so, but the crowd sure did. 8.

Ian and Cheryl: Bitch, bitch, bitch. Oh my fucking God!!! Len gave them some praise! Course, it's the tango, so meh...8
Cute. Fun. I can't help comparing it to the first dance of the night. Is it a 10??? I don't know. 9.

Laila and Maks: Hmmm...I expected more. Their quickstep was the weakest dance tonight. 7. More evidence of bias. 30????
Okay, I actually like Laila and Maks' Cha Cha better than Appollo and Julianna's. 9, I guess.

Joey and Kim: I love the foxtrot. It's my favorite ballroom dance. But that wasn't the best foxtrot on the show. The judges will probably give it 30, but it doesn't deserve that. 8
I loved it. It was great. But I still can't give it a 10. 9.

First thought...Apollo and Julianne's Quickstep was SO good that I haven't seen anything else that deserved a 30 tonight. It was that good. Much as I wanted Ian and Cheryl to have their 30, nothing else was good enough (including Apollo and Julianne's 2nd dance). Not even Joey and Kim's Jive.
Did you note the first round scores tonight??? 3 30s? And who didn't get one? Why? They don't want Cheryl to win again.

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