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Dancing with the Stars. The finals

Laila and Maks: The Paso? Ugh. It was irritating. 7
What a lame lame lame freestyle. The worst since Stacy & Tony in Season 2. 7

Apollo and Julianne: Their Rumba was okay. Len was right, it wasn't their best dance. That was last week. 9
I'm impressed he could do it. I didn't like it. 7

Joey and Kim: It started out good and then was stupid. 7
Well, certainly the best freestyle. By and far. 9

However none of the free styles were anywhere near the level of last year. Not even close.
I guess we are voting for Joey and Kim. I don't know.


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May. 22nd, 2007 01:18 am (UTC)
I just got home from work and haven't had a chance to watch yet. Tomorrow will SUCK! I'm working another overnight and I know there is no way the clients will let me watch two hours of the finale uninterrupted so I'm going to have to wait until I get out of work on Wednesday (at 8:00pm) to watch it. I'm hoping no one spoils me in the meantime.
May. 22nd, 2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Don't check my Blog until Wednesday, cause I'll probably comment on it. I'm sorry you can't watch the Finale tomorrow. =(
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