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My After Dragon*Con post

I still have a back ache from standing on that cement floor. Other than that, and needing to nag fosteronfilm to start a screenwriting competition and maybe try to get someone for a screen writing panel somewhere in the schedule, I have nothing else. It was sometimes fun, sometimes painful, and awfully drainging.

I met several really cool people, like Amanda, who was there with some of the filmmakers. She's amazing. And I'm her favorite. I just thought you should all know that.

And Larry Bagby, who, for having been the menacer of Xander for 2 seasons in Buffy, is an awfully small guy in person. But he's a really nice guy.

And Alicia Witt. Excuse me while I wipe the fanboi drool from my lip. I only got to say hello, but my is she gorgeous. And gracious. I'm sure she gets tired of meeting the ravening fans, but still.