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TV's rapid slide

I'm sad. The writers have ruined Boston Legal and it is no longer entertaining to watch.

Cheryl has Wayne Newton as a partner and he won't probably last past week 4.

Some obnoxious hip hop chicky is the leader on Dancing with the Stars, and I find her distasteful.

Two and Half Men was only 35% funny, and How I Met Your Mother, while hilarious, sometimes has trouble keeping it's momentum during the season.

To top it off, they are almost certainly killing Sara Sidle on CSI. This season's TV viewing is not appealing to me so far.


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Oct. 15th, 2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
Boston Legal is getting better but we will see.

Sara is still going strong.

Have you tried Shark? I find it pretty interesting at times. You can jump in anywhere and get the show. Each show is mostly a stand alone with only a few carry over stories.

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