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Sticker Shock...

Okay. Fine dining restaurants are expensive. It goes with the territory. However, I was a little shocked to see how much the tasting menu at Spiaggia was after drinks were added. Not that it wasn't good. But $500 for two (including tip), that was a little surprising.

If you've never had a tasting menu (often called a Pri Fixe menu at restaurants that only server tasting menus), it's a series of small portions over 7 to 11 courses.

Tonight we had 8 courses...

1) Buffalo Mozzerella anti-pasti. one with mushroom and fried sage, the other with imported Itallian tomatoes.
2) Savory doughnuts wrapped in proscuitto - one wrapped in San Danielle and the other wrapped in Parma.
3) Poached Dover Sole with some stuff on it.
4) Potato Gnocchi with parmesian
5) Risotto with saffron and marrow
6) Beef with lentils and 100 yr old balsamic vinegar
7) Three cheeses with condiments
8) Lemon Marmeletta

Okay, first let me say that there was nothing bad on this menu. I probably wouldn't eat the fish on a regular basis, but it was okay. The doughnuts were marvelous, and the risotto fantastic. Everything else was good, but I want a meal of just the doughnuts and the risotto. It comes with a level of contentment. However, I could eat more.


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Mar. 19th, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
$500 ????
Are you nucking futs? That is my grocery bill for the month and you are spending it on one dinner?
Mar. 19th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
Re: $500 ????
Yeah, that's my normal grocery bill for the month too. Somebody's Christmas present is going to be rather subdued this year.
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