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Yeah, right...

I'm going to try to start blogging more, again. The problem is that everyone is tired of politics. And noone except Cindy who might read this really cares at all about football. And Cindy probably isn't reading right now because her computer is down.

Anyway, I'm going to try and start blogging more. Here, there and everywhere.

So, some thoughts:

Healthy workers are an economic imperative. So, why have we not set up a free health care system for all? Because there is a moral imperative in this country that people suffer. There is a Christian basis that says we have to have poor people, and sick people, and unhappy people because they have sinned or are lazy or something else that violates the so-called Christian "ethic" and must be punished for it. It is, of course, all absolute bullshit. But as long as we continue to allow the right wing puritanical religious to brainwash our children with this nonsense, we will have suffering and poverty, because the dominant religion in this country demands it.

I'm very irritated with the Democratic party. They have selected a stupid jackass aristocrat to be their presidential candidate. And, in what should be a slam dunk election loss for the theocrat in the White House, Kerry is doing his fucking damnedest to lose. I believe he hired the absolutely stupidest political advisor in America to run his campaign. Now, I'm still voting against Bush (I was never voting FOR the Democrats running anyway). But, I'm irritated that Kerry can't shut his stupid fucking mouth long enough to listen to what everyone around him is telling him he needs to do, because Mary Beth Cahill doesn't make him.

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