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Okay, I've been silent for a while...Thoughts on recent events:
Kerry clearly won the debate. Now, after the weekend after the debate, his win is starting to be reflected
in the Zogby poll, which is the typically most accurate one. He still isn't a good candidate, but he is so
much better than the little theocrat that it's not even close.

I will be starting what is essentially a story blog (Ego Ross: Near-sighted Danger Twit). It's going to be a tool for helping me work out the story in my latest screen play.

People need to pick up a copy of Heinlein's posthumously published novel "For Us, The Living." Not a great novel, but a damned fine political treatise. No laws that restrict people from doing things that don't harm others, no status for corporations...Universal health care because it is an economic imperative that the work force be healthy. And redistribution on a massive scale. All things that I approve of.

Damn I want a different job...one that doesn't require 14 hour days and long commutes.

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