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It irritates me that we give sports figures and celebrities breaks that we don't give ordinary people in this country (another example of how money makes the world unjust). Jamal Lewis, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens NFL team, is expected to be serving 4-6 months of prison time after the NFL season is over (if a federal judge approves his plea bargain). The problem is he should be serving 10 years to life. He is facing a myriad of cocaine dealing related charges. Now, if it were some punk street kid (which Lewis would be considered if he weren't a star NFL player), he wouldn't have even been offered such a weak plea. So why are we offering him such an easy bargain (he probably won't even have to go to a real prison)? Because he is a football player. That is the same reason that Ray Lewis (linebacker for the Ravens)was allowed to plead to obstructing justice in the investigation of a murder he almost certainly had a hand in. Money is the reason 2 Kennedy cousins have spent their lives escaping justice for, in one case murder, in the other rape. We need a revival of a concept that was supposed to be started in this country, that money shouldn't get people special treatment.