teflaime (mtfay) wrote,

The lesser of 2 evils

This probably won't influence anyone's vote (I doubt anyone who reads my blog is going to vote against what I'm recommending anyway). However, of the major party candidates, I would have to endorse John Kerry. Not because I find him to be a good candidate. I don't. But because he is clearly the lesser of two evils.

George Walker Bush has proven again and again that he is incompetent for the position of POTUS. He is incompetent to be Commander-in-Chief. And he is a downright terrible human being, selling out those he is supposed to be serving for his friends and his own future gain from corporate interests.

If you fear Kerry's weakness on defense, let me offer this thought. Bush attacked a contained foe on the basis of worked intel, specifically chosen to bolster his arguement for war, according to many former intelligence officials. By this, I mean that the Bush administration pressured the intelligence services to eliminate caveats and statements questioning the efficacy of the intelligence being offered, to make the (as we know now) poor intel look rock solid. And in doing so, he pulled troops out of Afghanistan, allowing terrorists to reconstitute their forces there. And finally, his actions have created a four to ten-fold increase in the effectiveness of Al Quaida recruiting efforts. If that hasn't made us less safe, then nothing Kerry will do or fail to do will have any effect on our safety either.

It's not a matter of believe that because he is steadfast, Bush is a better choice, because Bush has wedded himself to the wrong choices. And he refuses to admit that they were the wrong choices. If you are steering down the wrong fork in the road, knowing you will crash, you don't continue down that path. You take a turn and get on a new path. You might not know the outcome of the new path, but you know with certainty that the old path will lead to your destruction, so you have to make that choice. We may not know what we will face with Kerry, but we do know that with Bush we will continue on a deeply self-destructive path.

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